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Please Support the 2006 Fund Drive Campaign!

The members of the Sweet Valley Volunteer Fire Company (SVVFC) have been helping the residents of Ross Twp. and the surrounding communities since 1947.

It's Fund Drive Campaign time, and the men and women of the SVVFC are asking for your financial help, so that they may continue to deliver the protection that the residents of all of Ross Twp. and parts of Lake and Union Twps. have come to expect.

The funding for the fire company does not come from your tax dollars. In order to pay for training and to maintain and purchase equipment, the fire company must raise the money. The monthly dinners and annual fair generate some revenue, but without the fund drive, the fire company would not have the money necessary to protect this community.

Unfortunately, annual contributions have dropped in recent years while the cost of running a modern fire company have risen steadily.

If everyone in the community can contribute on an annual basis, we will be able to serve the community without charging for services or adding a fire protection tax.

Please give generously. If you have not recieved a fund drive letter, feel free to just mail your donation to us at P.O. Box 207 Sweet Valley, PA 18656. Our volunteers deserve equipment that will keep them safe, and training to prepare them for any emergency. We often take for granted the fact that when dial 911, someone will be there to help. Remember that our fire fighters are there for structure fires, brush fires, motor vehicle accidents, flooded basements, hazardous materials situations, and all other sorts of emergencies. In addition they must peel potatoes, serve dinners, cook potato pancakes, sell raffle tickets, etc. to raise money. Let's band together and donate so that they firefighters can concentrate on keeping our community safe.