Participation Rubric: No longer graded weekly!

This is what I am looking for:

  • 0-60:
    • Sleeping in class
    • No book, pencil, notebook, etc.
    • Doing homework for other classes
    • Disrupting class
    • Frequent trips out of the room (long lav breaks, trips to guidance, office, nurse, etc.)
  • 70: Come to class. Pay attention. Participate in activities.
  • 80: All of the above, plus answer questions when I call on you.
  • 90: All of the above, plus volunteer to answer questions or go to the board. Ask intelligent questions.
  • 100: Do all of the above on a frequent basis.

In class assignments, such as the Current Events Fill In Sheet also count as participation grades, but they are not part of the biweekly grade.

I often post all of your biweekly grades near the end of the quarter. If you have any concerns about your participation grades, please see me.