Grading System

I use a POINTS grading system. Each assignment is worth a certain number of points. Your grade is the number of points earned out of the total number of points. The CATEGORIES in eSchoolBook are just for description. In a points grading system, the categories are not weighted differently. The categories are listed below:

  • Tests (usually 300-450 points)
  • Quizzes (usually 40 to 150 points)
  • Homework (5 points each activity, so if there are 5 activity assigned, the assignment will be worth 25 points)
  • Current Events (100 points each, and follow up comments are 50 points)
  • Participation (point values vary)
  • BOCA (about 5 points a day): Collected each Friday.
Click here to view the Lake-Lehman Jr./Sr. High grading system, revised in August, 2007.

LL Grading System

  • A: 93 to 100
  • B: 83 to 92
  • C: 73 to 82
  • D: 70 to 72
  • F: 0 to 69