Frequently Asked Questions

I was absent. What did I miss?

Check the Wiki Page. In addition to what you missed, you will also find flashcard, sound files, and other things to help you study.

When is ASH this week?

Check the upper, right-hand corner of the Wiki Page.

Does spelling count?

SPELLING ALWAYS COUNTS!! (In class and in life.)

I submitted my blog, but I don't see it on the blog page. What happened?

Blog postings don't appear until I approve them. Sometimes I don't get to that right away. (Sometimes they get hung up in cyberspace, and you have to resubmit. Talk to me in class so I can check.

My blog is on the Blog Page. Why do I have a 0 (or an I)?

Check to make sure you have included the following:

  • Your first name
  • The link to your article (I will not grade it if there is no link.)
  • Both your summary and opinion paragraphs.

If you have done all of that, chances are that I haven't updated the gradebook yet or that I goofed. See me in class to make sure you get credit.

Can I turn in my homework late? For half credit?

No. No.

I know I did that assignment. Why does eSchoolBook say that I have a 0?

Perhaps you didn't turn it in, but the most common answer to that question is that you did not put your name on the paper. No name = ZERO.

Can I do extra credit?

Occasionally I offer opportunities for extra credit along the way, but I do not allow students to just do a few extra credit current events or write a report about a country for extra points.

How do you compute my weekly participation grade?

Click here to see the Class Participation Grading Rubric

Can I submit my current events late?

If you submit your current events one day late, you will lose 5 points. You lose 5 points per day until I shut down the blog one week after the main post is due. Blog comments (which are due one week after the main post) will not be accepted late. Once I shut down the blog, it is too late. I will not allow you to turn in current events late because you were absent yesterday or because "I forgot to remind you" or because you were busy or sick last night or over the weekend. This is an ongoing assignment, and you should not wait until the last minute to get it done. If you feel that your emergency was unique and that there was nothing you could have done to get your current events done, I may allow you an extra day. Those situations are rare, but you need to see me personally so I can decide for myself.

What can I do to bring up my grade?

Follow the Study Strategies that I have suggested (use flashcards, for example) or stay for After School Help (ASH).