Current Events (100 point assignment)

**New Format for 2009-2010: Blogs! **

What Do I Do?

ABC Nightly News logo and link to MSNBC logo and link to New York Times logo and link to logo and link to logo and link.  Expatica is a site for English-speaking foreigners living abroad.
  1. Go to
  2. Find your class, and follow the directions.
  3. Make sure you type in Notepad and save it, just in case. (NOT Microsoft Word. Causes too many problems for Edublogs.)

Things to Remember

  • Use articles from NEWS websites (at least one page) or newspapers (at least 3 inches of text). (No tabloids!)
  • Articles should be no more than 3 weeks old. Make sure you check the date!
  • Current Events must be on time. You will lose 20 points if you are one day late. If it is more than one day late, you will get a 0! (Even if you are absent the day before they are due.)
  • If your article is not about the right country, you will redo the assignment, and lose 20 points for being late. If you don't bring it the next day, you will get a 0. Make sure you check the list.
  • I will be glad to check your article for you until the day before it is due. You can show me a printed copy or email the link to me.


2009-2010 CE Dates: