Photo Albums 2009

Click here for the Worksheet.

Click here for the Grading Rubric.


  • Design a Power Point photo album in French featuring yourself and other people you know. You will follow specific instructions and a strict format. You will present your album to the class using the projector and the dumb board.


  • You will have 4 sections:
    • yourself (je)
    • one other person (il or elle)
    • you and another person (nous)
    • two or more other people (ils or elles)
  • For each of the above you will write 17 sentences. (See the Worksheet for the specific sentences.) You will use different vocabulary as often as possible.
  • We will go to the computer lab to put together the Power Point presentations. You must save your final project on Mrs. Koss's flash drive so that you can present it in class.
  • You will print your project in black and white in HANDOUT FORMAT with 6 slides on each page (for grading).
  • You will also print ONE SLIDE in color (for hanging in room 207).

Tentative Timeline: (subject to change more often than your socks!)

Day 1:

  • View Mrs. Koss's album.
  • Go over faire expressions from the Verbarama! packet.
  • List (on lined paper) who you will include, and which verbs and adjectives you will use to discuss each person.
  • Turn in the list.

Day 2:

  • Get your papers from yesterday from the folder on my desk. Continue brainstorming vocabulary you know to use to describe your people.
  • Start writing French sentences using the worksheet (if you finish your list).
  • Turn in list and worksheet.

Days 3 to 7: Have me check your sentences as you go along! Don't wait until day 7! Worksheet is a 90 point assignment.

  • day 3: Do numbers 1-4 on worksheet (16 sentences all together)
  • day 4: 5-8 on worksheet (sentences using verbs)
  • day 5: 9-12 on worksheet (things you like and don't like)
  • day 6: 13-18 on worksheet (the rest)
  • day 7: make corrections and finish up
  • Turn in your worksheet on day 7!

Days 8 to 12: In the library

  • day 8-9:
    • Power Point demonstration. Even if you've used Power Point before, you need to pay attention to this. I will give you some things that are important to me for your assignment. (typing text in Word before inserting into Power Point, fonts, using pictures, background colors, etc.)
    • Notes on putting accents on your words in Microsoft Word.
    • Begin typing your sentences in Microsoft Word.
    • Save your Word document to your name, and name your file like this: kioskephotoword.doc.
    • When you finish typing your document, check to make sure you added all of your accents, then print your document, and hand it in. Make sure your name is on the paper.
  • day 10 and 11:
    • Open Power Point and start a new document.
    • Save your document to your name, and name it like this: kioskephotopowerpoint.ppt
    • Decide on your design, colors, fonts, etc.
    • Insert your pictures into your pages by clicking on the photo icon in Power Point.
    • Open your Word document that you saved. Highlight one section of the text. Copy and paste it onto your PP slide.
    • Make sure your design, colors, font size, etc. is consistent. Make sure it looks nice and is easy to read.
  • Day 12:
    • Proofread and finish up.
    • Print in black and white in HANDOUT FORMAT (6 slides per page).
    • Choose one slide to post in room 207 and print ONLY THAT SLIDE IN COLOR.

Day 13: Begin presenting in class. You will present only 2 of your people.


  • Following Directions: on time, correct format, materials turned in to show progress, typed in Word first, writing in French, not translating from English, etc.
  • Use of Microsoft Word and Power Point: type in Word, then paste into Power Point, following guidelines suggested in the Using Power Point presentation, readability, overall quality of Power Point document, etc.
  • Verbs: variety, accuracy, agreement
  • Adjectives: variety, accuracy, agreement
  • General Sentence Structure: using what we've learned in French 1 and 2 correctly, using the dictionary wisely, etc.
  • Pronunciation: final letters are silent, vowels, verb endings, etc. are pronounced correctly, especially in words that we have done over and over, etc.
  • Overall Presentation: fluency, clarity, volume, etc.