Avoir Examples

Regular, Old Avoir (to have): Translate these to Spanish. (All of them have a form of avoir in them.

  1. The men have (some) cars.
  2. Do you have a pencil?
  3. She has an iPod, right?
  4. I have a cat, a dog, and some fish (des poissons).
  5. Who has my book?
  6. We always have (some) pens.

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Super-Special Avoir Expressions: Make sure you do the next set too.

(There are no distractors with être in this list. All will have avoir.)

  1. The dogs are very warm.
  2. I'm not hungry now.
  3. My sister is always lucky.
  4. Are they right?
  5. Who is afraid of Mrs. Koss?
  6. The girl is sleepy.
  7. How old are you?
  8. My father is 45 years old.
  9. I am 25 years old.
  10. The students are cold in room 207.
  11. (The) teachers are rarely wrong.
  12. My cat is often thirsty.

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