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Leçon 3: Les Phrases


Do you know how to express yourself in French?



Allons-y! Les Etages de la Forêt Tropicale

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Original artwork by French 3 Mob member, April Eckert.


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Lesson Vocabulary

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Lesson Content


Lesson Presentation: Les Phrases

Video #1 Sentences

Some of these sentences will be in the past or future tenses. These were covered in the French 2A and 2B classes. You will not have to write sentences in these tenses in Unit 1. They are just here for review.


Video #2 Questions (Est-ce que)


Video #3 Questions (Inversion)


Video #4 Questions (Information)





Learning Activities

Internet Activity - Quia Scrambled Sentences

Practice putting sentences together with this Quia activity.




Interactive Activity: Question and Answer Align

Each question in the activity has 4 possible answers. Line the possible answers up under the correct question. (Make sure you know your question words!)





Collaborate and Reflect

rainforestlayers smaller.jpg


Part 1:  For this wiki assignment you will write 4 nonsense sentences in French about animals in the rainforest.  Look at the drawing of the layers of the rainforest and think about which animals from your vocab list live in each layer. Using the animal and verb vocabulary from the unit, write silly sentences about where different animals live, sleep, fly, run, roar, honk, etc.

Part 2:  Read a classmate's sentences, and rewrite them to make them logical.  You will write the new sentences in a post right below the original sentences. 


Example: Les hiboux hululent sur le sol de la forêt.

Now make it logical: Les hiboux huluent dans la canopée.











Original artwork by French 3 Mob member, April Eckert


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