Fayekoss French 1 header Unit 1, Lesson 1- Parlez Français!

Lesson: Les Gestes

In addition to words, gestures, les gestes, are an important part of communication in most languages. In the following videos, you will learn about some common gestures used by French people, particularly la bise.

Les Gestes

This video runs through the gestures pretty quickly. We'll have to pause for you to take notes. You will have to identify some of these gestures on your lesson quiz.


La Bise

There seems to be some disagreement on the number of kisses Parisians (people from Paris) do. It seems that most Parisians prefer one on each cheek, but in other areas of the French speaking world, two on each cheek is common. You will read an article on the "Assignment" page that will give you more information about la bise.