Kaleigh is allergic to:

Kaleigh Jeanne is a high maintenance little girl, but we adore her anyway!

Kaleigh is severely allergic to TREE NUTS (walnuts, etc.), EGGS, and DAIRY. She also tested positive for a PEANUT allergy, so we keep peanuts out of her diet altogether.

Included on this site is a list of foods Kaleigh can't have, along with a very long list of ingredients that most of us have never heard of. It's these "hidden ingredients" that cause many of Kaleigh's attacks. I have also included lists of foods and ingredients that sound bad, but are actually OK, a (very short) list of restaurant foods that have not caused a problem yet, and some brands that we have had good luck with (so far anyway). These foods still need to be checked every time, to ensure that the ingredients have not changed.

Cross-contamination is the biggest cause of reactions for Kaleigh. She can't eat foods from a salad bar or deli, for fear that some egg salad may have dropped into the applesauce. She needs to have her own cloth to clean her hands and her table area. During a meal in which we are eating something that Kaleigh can't have, I wash my hands every time I touch her.

This information is condensed from handouts from Dr. Casterline, Kaleigh's allergist, and allergy websites.

Thank you for taking the time to keep Kaleigh safe and allergy free!

This information is not to be used for any child other than Kaleigh.