Kaleigh is allergic to:

Kaleigh Cannot Have the Following:

DAIRY:(hives, diarrhea)

non-dairy products, au gratin dishes, baked goods, Bisquick and other mixes, (some) breads, butter, buttermilk, cake, cheese, chocolate, cocomalt, cookies, Cool Whip, cottage cheese, cream, cream cheese, cream of rice, custard, deli meat (cold cuts), drinking chocolate, evaporated milk, fritters, ghee, gravy, (some) hot dogs, ice cream, malted milk, margarine, mashed potatoes, milk of any type, non-dairy creamer, omelets, Ovaltine, pancakes, powdered milk, pudding, (some) rolls, sauces, sausages, sherbet, souffles, (some) soups, sour cream, (some) spaghetti sauces, steak in restaurants, sweetened condensed milk, canned tuna, waffles, whipped cream, yogurt


ammonium, ammonium caseinate, artificial butter, butter, butter solids/fat, buttermilk, calcium caseinate, caramel color, caramel flavoring, casein, caseinate, cheese, cream, curds, delactosed whey, demineralized whey, dried milk, dry milk solids, flavoring, goat's milk, high protein flour, hydrolyzed casein, hydrolyzed milk proteins, iron caseinate, lactaglobulin, lactalbumin, lactalbumin phosphate, lactate, lactic acid starter culture, lactoferrin, lactose, lactose magnesium, lactulose, magnesium caseinate, margarine, milk, milk derivative, milk fat, milk protein, milk protein isolate, milk solids, natural flavoring, Opta (fat replacer), skim milk, sodium caseinate, sodium caseinate solids, sour cream solids, sour milk solids, whey, whey powder, whey protein conccentrate, yogurt, zinc caseinate

EGGS (hives)

baking powder (K.C & Royal are OK), Bisquick and other mixes, (some) breads, brownies, cake, chocolate creams, cooked eggs, cooked pastas (in canned soups), cookies, custard, doughnuts, egg noodles, egg substitutes, filled candy bars, flu shots, foam topping in coffee drinks, fondues, French toast, fritters, hollandaise sauce, ice cream, icings, macaroons, marshmallows, marzipan, mayonnaise, meatloaf, meringues, muffins, mustard (French's is OK), nougats, Ovaltine, ovomalt, pancakes, pastries, pie crust, powdered egg white or yolk, pudding, quiche, raw eggs, root beer, salad dressing with egg, sausage, sherbet, souffles, tartar sauce, waffles, (some) water ices


“binder”, “coagulant”, “emulsifier”, albumen, albumin, egg solids, egg white, egg white solids, egg yolk, globulin, lecithin, livetin, lysozyme, meringue, meringue powder, ovalbumin, ovoglobulin, ovomuccoid, ovomucin, ovotransferrin, ovovitelia, ovovitellin, powdered egg, silici albuminate, Simplesse, vitellin, whole egg


ALL NUTS, almonds, artificial flavoring, natural flavoring, artificial nuts, (some) barbecue sauces, (some) bean bag toys, beer nuts, cashews, (some) cereals, (maybe) coconut, (some) crackers, draft dodgers (for doors), ground nuts, hackey sack toys, ice cream, (some) hair and skin care products, marzipan, mixed nuts, monkey nuts, mortadella, nougat, nut butters, nut pieces, pecans, pistachios, sunflower seeds, WALNUTS


peanuts, peanut butter, artificial nuts, chocolate, cookies, enchilada sauce, ice cream, mandelonas nuts, sunflower seeds (peanut oil seems to be ok)

Ethnic foods which often contain peanuts: African, Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese

SOY: (diarrhea)

soy milk, baked goods, (some) cereals, (some) crackers, sauces, soups, canned tuna, cold pressed soybean oil, expeller pressed soybean oil, extruded soybean oil (regular soybean oil is ok)

WHEAT: (eczema)

wheat cereals (shredded wheat, puffed wheat, Wheaties, etc.), wheat crackers, (Triscuits, Wheat Thins, etc.), wheat bread

Starting in 2006, foods must clearly label common allergens in PLAIN ENGLISH, rather than using scientific jargon. The common allergens will be listed below the list of ingredients, usually in bold print. If one of Kaleigh's allergens is not listed, you must still read the rest of the ingredients to make sure. If you see the words "egg" "milk", etc. you can stop reading. She can't have it!

This information is condensed from handouts from Dr. Casterline, Kaleigh's allergist, and allergy websites.

This information is not to be used for any child other than Kaleigh.