Video: Connecting to Network


Kaleigh's Allergies

  • Kaleigh's Allergy CollageKaleigh's Allergies: Nuts, Dairy, Eggs, Peanuts. Learn all about helping Kaleigh manage her severe, life-threatening food allergies.

Mim's Cookbook


Mrs. Koss's Links

  • Next After School Help: Let me know when you can stay! (2:45-3:45)
  • Click here to go to Google Classroom to see what you missed.
  • Word ReferenceWordReference: The online dictionary you are allowed to use.
  • Type ItTypeIt: When you are typing in Edmodo or SoftChalk activities, you can type accents easily in TypeIt. Then copy and paste into your document. For other accent instructions, click here.
  • Mrs. Koss's Quia Link Quia: Tests, quizzes, learning activities, games. Challenge yourself, learn the vocabulary, and have a little fun too.
  • Link to Current Events BlogCurrent events blog: Read about a French or Spanish speaking country, and share what you learn with your classmates. Then read what others say, and comment to them.
  • Forvo Pronunciation HelpForvo: Pronunciation help. Search here to hear words pronounced by French or Spanish speakers. VERY helpful when practicing for a speaking assessment.